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First Ones In is an international group of civilians who, in the earliest days of the war in Ukraine, heard the cries of Someone needs to help them! and realized that each of them could be that someone. Together, they formed a team and began delivering life-saving medical care and training, humanitarian aid, and other forms of disaster relief to all those harmed by the current conflict, regardless of political, ethnic, or religious affiliation.


Recognizing that their work in Ukraine was far from over, and that there are many regions in the world where their services are desperately needed, the founding members of First Ones In created this organization with the goal of recruiting like-minded individuals to aid them in this compassionate and urgent work. Whether it be through volunteerism, contributing funds or resources, or performing simple gestures like donating home-baked goods or writing notes of encouragement to the victims of tragedies, First Ones In needs and welcomes all who wish to make a positive impact.


We hope that their efforts and achievements will inspire others to realize that they too can find ways to be of help to those in need, and that we all can be that someone who brings light to others during their darkest days.

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